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Specializing in Pesticide Residue Analysis...


 Environmental Testing Laboratory, Inc. has been serving the food, agricultural and environmental industries since 1987. ETL specializes in pesticide residue analysis using methods developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). ETL offers comprehensive services to all members of the food industry. We can analyze raw agricultural products, processed foods, plant tissues, spices, herbs, soils, water and many more matrices for hundreds of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and acaricides. Our organization is focused to meet the needs of clients with our special customized service at the lowest price possible.









Operating Principles:


  Accuracy:  Technical and Administration procedures have been carefully formulated to minimize the possibility of error.

  Cost-Efficiency:  Our fees are based on providing maximum services at the lowest possible cost.

  Timeliness:  We understand industry needs and consistently respond with rapid turnarounds.

  Problem Prevention:  Our comprehensive services are designed to minimize the potential for a financial crisis.

  Confidentiality:  We maintain the highest degree of confidentiality for all client information.





















Data Archiving:


To promote client's credibility rigidly adheres to these practices:


  Retaining frozen sub-samples of analyzed products and filth plates from extraneous material analysis for six months.


  When sampling produce at the field level, documenting ETL's evaluation of the commodity in the field, plug the effects of the

     surrounding fields.


  Documenting other pertinent factors; these include all personnel who participated in the sampling and analysis processes, all

    agents, suppliers, and lot numbers. All original chromatographs and pertinent documentation are retained for six years after

    completion of analysis.


  Maintaining all records in accordance with good laboratory practice standards as established in 40CFR part 160.





























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