ETL utilizes current AOAC, PAM, FDA, LIB, standard methods 19th. edition for waste water analysis and EPA methodologies for all its analysis.

Processing samples immediately on arrival, or refrigerating them for analysis 48 hrs. (24 hrs. for Pesticide Analysis).

Immediately freezing all samples received in bulk analysis, and removing them only for testing.

Stock hundreds of analytical standards of the highest quality.  To assure integrity, each standard is logged by common chemical name, EPA numerical code, date of arrival, purity, supplier and quantity.  Pesticide standards and standards with special handling requirements are stored in desiccators.

Maintaining a full complement of preparation tables, steam baths, and exhaust hoods to ensure an optimal environment for rapid, safe sample preparation

Conducting final analysis with the instruments housed in a controlled environment to assure peak stability.

Minimizing the possibility of false positive or negative results through a combination of sophisticated equipment and scientific methodology.  Mass spectroscopy is used for ultimate verification when required.

Backing all categories of analysis with multiple detectors of varying design and multiple column verification.


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